Thursday, May 6, 2010

"a job can bring happiness"...misleading

Why the no posts? I've actually been thinking about it a lot. Honestly it seemed too big headed to continue. I don't want to have a big ego and if I do have I sure don't want to feed it. Why am I back then, eh? I figure that this is part of my learning and if anything else good comes from it-I wasn't my doing anyway :)

I posted this to a friend on facebook and thought I would enhance it and bring it over. He was asking about careers and finding fulfillment.

I posted:
its all about balance. Job, family, lifestyle, hobbies (add in the spouse's and kid's lifestyle and hobbies)
We can't be happy with poor balance. Too much on one and life gets bad fast. Since the job is the least flexible, I recommend finding the one that will bring most fulfillment with the least drain on the family, lifestyles and hobbies. (hobbies are important to keep us sane and they can flex when callings or emergencies come)

me... See More
Job: teacher for now (I only plan for 3-5 years down the road and keep reevaluating) stable, I dig music and it puts me in with students when they are most impressionable and hearts/minds are open. Jr high is the front lines of character building-makes the pain worthwhile
Spouse: stay at home.
Lifestyle: mom at home, therefore tight $ but its vital for Marianne. Location's not important to us, so Vegas for job security, opportunity and better pay
Hobbies: Tai chi- the meditation helps my personal balance and betters myself to the family's benefits.
Anything else is gravy. (jobs are what you do until something important comes along. a great job puts you in the path of the important. However, how do define important? How do you define success?)

Remember jobs and degrees don't define you. You define you. Define what makes you most happy (thats hard hard and don't try to impress anybody including yourself :) and you live with everything else :)

don't stress with making the balance perfect right away, by its nature is will need reconsidered periodically.
In 4 weeks, I'll reconsider myself. I have to finish the school year and let my mind settle. It reminds in of after you do Wild horse parts it mane and you sink, roll back and collect. I'm excited I'll graduate in a week, but I'm really looking that collecting and seeing what will come.

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